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I firmly believe that virtually everyone would benefit from wearing compression socks during long flights and stretching every hour or so.DVT symptoms may be vague, but there could be a ticking time bomb in your leg.Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome Support. I suffered a massive DVT in.It will be 5 weeks when I get to see the Hemotologist (was on vacation for 2 weeks) to see if I need just 3 months of Coumadin or life time.

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I had no other symptoms apart from pain, so I would absolutely recommend seeking medical attention. 9369.

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My GP thought you could test for DVT by squezing the affected leg (I am not making this up).You can have a DVT without having any pain at all, and the pain can be intermittent.The odd thing is that it got a lot better yesterday for most of the day.Have just had DVT confirmed on scan today and had very similar history of feeling pain for a day and not the next, until it became more constant for 48 hrs and I was limping badly.

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One of the lessons I took from all the journey is to neither underestimate nor get crazy about symptoms.Incidentally, apart from the pain - which was nowhere near where the DVT actually was, more than 12 inches away, there were no visible symptoms at all, at any time.

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Two months later I fly 11 hours, achy legs come back and two days in to the holiday and the same pain comes back into the same place on my calf.lasted for about 4 days.

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I went to a vascular specialist, told him my symptoms and that I have a family history of dvt.The answer to the question if skin cancer can come and go is rather.

I think the dull ache I have is coming from my lower right back.Does blood clot give continuous or intermittent. calf pain that would come and go and I put it down.

So PLEASE go and insist on getting a CT scan and see someone who knows what they are talking about and PLEASE go right away.But, very reassuring that the d-dimer and ultrasound tests were negative.

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Many clots go noticed and taking a blood thinner is simple and effective.

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I am now injecting heparin and have upped my Coumadin dosage.These symptoms come and go,.I had no signs of DVT st this point but due to being on the contraceptive pill and having chest pain and long haul flights, they believed this to be the case.Can Angina Come and Go Every Second, Blinking On and. “Some patients are very attuned to their symptoms and can differentiate...Pulmonary embolism can the symptoms come and go over weeks at time.

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My daughter has deep venous thrombosis will this affect her health.

On days that it felt better caused me to put off calling the dr.Pain is pretty constant from DVT until some treatment is given.

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All this to say. you may have to get checked more than once to know if you have a blood clot. 31925.Make sure you know your stuff and AKE SURE the medical prof take you seriously (unlike cats we get 1 go) 9688.It took 3 dopplers in a week and a half to find the blood clot behind my knee.Over time most of my symptoms have faded and I had hope that like my doctors projected,.

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