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If a genetic problem is there, then obviously something has to be done to help correct it.I do miss all the green stuff as I was a huge eater of all of them.Fruit contains low amounts of vitamin K and can be eaten freely.To help coumadin work effectively, it is important that you keep your Vitamin K as consistent as possible.

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I have been on this drug for 13 years now and have always eaten a varied diet and have had no dramatic effects from diet (including alcohol).

I actually was not aware how it can affect your numbers so drastically.Also as a sidebar, I was denied social security benefits, too - 4 times.

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Alcoholic beverages may be included in a Coumadin diet in moderation only.List of Acceptable Foods for Patients Taking Coumadin. Many foods are safe to eat while taking Coumadin,.

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It help to know what the affects of certain foods are with warfarin.

In the beginning, it took awhile to regulate but now I go monthly and have been in the low-mid range.Questions, Answers, and Information about Coumadin (warfarin) by Lena Welch 18.Plus I know when I get my meds filled at my pharmacy it comes with paper work on how to use it an what its for.On average, brewed black or green tea is allowed on a Coumadin diet.Foods to avoid or carefully considered while taking Coumadin is listed here only as a reference.

The side effects of these and many other drugs is so bad, the condition you have is not that serious.It is made out of a substance similar to that in sweet clover and it has been around forever.But i trust God for my healing and that my blood will stop clot and i can come off this drug, but lets eat right and try to live longer.

Do the research of Random Control Trial reports and be informed.Some simple changes to decrease the risk of bleeding while taking warfarin.

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Taking Coumadin, a brand name for the drug warfarin, can help lower your risk for blood clots.

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What is the most important information I should know about warfarin (Coumadin).I notice early last year I was getting short of breath walking short distances.The blood clots are much dangerous that is why the doctors are willing to take this risk with this rat posion.

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I am not, I have a heart condition, battling my life with a 3 chambered heart and no you can not see it but no offense people wheel a wheelchair and get sore arms, why not watch me try wheel a wheel chair go blue pass out convulse and then who is living with the most difficulty.

This page from the eMedTV archives describes the various components of a Coumadin diet and explains. follow while taking Coumadin. that eating a consistent.Do not eat large amounts of leafy, green vegetables. WHAT SHOULD I AVOID WHILE TAKING COUMADIN.

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It is used to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots in veins and arteries and also used for other medical purposes.

Once in awhile, I might buy asparagus and eat one or two a couple of times a week and that seems to be ok.HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only.While all of these foods are considered safe while taking Coumadin, it is best to consume low-fat or non-fat products when possible.This medication is life saving and my Mother would have died years earlier without it.Life is a balance, so get used to it, know your own body and how it reacts and if in doubt get your blood tested.Generally, the darker green vegetables have a higher vitamin K content.