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Avoiding the Heart Attack Risk of Hip and Knee Replacement

The areas are replaced with a man-made implant, called a prosthetic.This multimedia clip discusses the possibility of the implant becoming unstable after this procedure.

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Knee replacement complications can be caused by the surgery or a faulty implant.

Learn about possible blood clot risks after hip or knee replacement surgery including symptoms, risk factors and more.Learn about knee replacement surgery including reasons for knee replacement, risks, and what to expect before, during and after surgery.Knee arthroplasty is the medical term used for knee replacement.According to the research knee replacement may improve your mobility but it may also increase your heart attack risk.Knee replacement — Comprehensive overview covers knee replacement surgery and recovery.Knee replacement problems may require multiple surgeries to treat.

Knee Replacement Complications - Failure, Infection, Revision

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Scott, MD Weeks 1 through 6 The goal of knee replacement surgery is to return you to normal.

Knee Replacement Increases Heart Attack Risk

If left untreated, arthritis in the knees can become crippling.Total knee replacement can increase mobility and decrease pain in people who have an injured or arthritic knee joint.

Risks Of Knee Replacement Surgery And Osteoarthritis

Knee joint replacement is a procedure that involves replacing an injured or ailing knee with an artificial joint, or prosthesis.

These include infection risks, bleeding risks, and the need for further surgery.The replacement part is usually made from metal and a strong plastic.Knee replacement surgery replaces your damaged knee joint with the prosthesis, i.e., an artificial implant.

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Zimmer Knee Replacement Complications & Lawsuits

After you receive anesthesia, your surgeon will make a cut over your knee to open it up.

Study: Knee or hip replacement surgery may increase heart

They include blood clots, infection, adhesions, misalignment, nerve damage, osteolysis and others.

People who have total hip or knee replacement surgery face a greater risk for a heart attack during the first month following the procedure, a new study finds.Complications can include implant failure, infection and fracture.Upper end of the shin bone--the large bone in your lower leg.

Total knee replacement complications, risks & success rates

Unfortunately, even the most minor of surgical operations carries some risk of complications.

A new study indicates that many knee replacement surgeries that expose patients to Zimmer knee replacement complications may be unnecessary.You will not feel any pain during the surgery because you will have one of these two types of anesthesia.Knee replacement surgery involves replacing an injured or diseased joint with an implant to relieve pain and improve movement.

Knee Joint Replacement Surgery Post-Operative Exercise

Man-made (artificial) pieces, called prostheses, are then placed in the knee.

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Medical experts say some patients with chronic joint problems wait too long before opting for replacement surgery.

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Zimmer Biomet makes a number of knee replacement devices, components, and systems.As with all major surgical procedures, complications can occur.Understand the risks of Total Knee Replacement surgery and learn what you can do to prepare and do what you can to minimize complications.

A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.And you may get medicine that will make you forget about the procedure, even though you are not fully asleep.Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery.