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The results were presented here at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2011.Blood -thinning treatment with a combination of Plavix and aspirin is given to help prevent these clots in people given stents.

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Several surveys indicate that only half of patients with A-fib who are at increased risk of stroke take warfarin, says Aaron D.But no one really knows how long patients should stay on Plavix.For people at higher risk for stroke, the blood thinner warfarin, also sold as Coumadin, is the treatment of choice.

Clopidogrel is used alone or together with aspirin to lessen the chance of a heart attack or stroke.You should take Plavix for as long as your doctor continues to.

Study Upholds Stopping Plavix Use Before Surgery

Health Sciences Institute - Official Site: Become a Member Now.WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Aspirin is generally the treatment of choice for people with A-fib and no risk factors.In people with A-fib, the risk of stroke varies according to a number of factors, he explains.The new findings do not affect these people, but open up a potential new use for the drug.

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How long should you take plavix after stent placement: 1 month off accutane Synthroid 0.2 mg Doxycycline allergy symptoms Taper off clomid What is the difference.FAQ on the Anticlotting Drug Plavix. How long should people with drug-coated stents take Plavix.Study Shows 6 Months of Blood Thinner After Stent Placement May Be Safer, as Effective as 2-Year Treatment.Are allergic to rivaroxaban or any of the ingredients of XARELTO.April 3, 2009 -- The anticlotting drug Plavix was in the news again this week, with researchers reporting that the drug helped to prevent strokes and heart attacks in people who suffer from a common heart rhythm disorder that puts them at risk for stroke.Gut Check on Gastroenterology, an NEJM Journal Watch blog focusing on issues in clinical gastroenterology,.

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Women in the later stages of pregnancy should not take clopidogrel.For starters, it carries a major risk of potentially life-threatening bleeding.Ask your doctor whether there are any activities you should avoid while taking Plavix,.People with atrial fibrillation face five times the risk of stroke as the general population, according to Halperin.

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If you take blood-thinners long-term, you should have a visit approximately once per year with your doctor to discuss how.That depends on the risk of developing stroke, Halperin says.

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But two other recent studies have shown similar results, according to Valgimigli.

Bleeding can also lead to anemia, with symptoms of weakness and fatigue.

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It discourages the formation of blood clots, which helps prevent heart attacks and strokes caused by clots.

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how long should i take plavix for Us postal service rates. plavix and renal stents.The standard recommendation is typically at least 12 months of Plavix.

This may be an indication of a serious problem and take note00 straight away to prevent long.The ACTIVE-A study enrolled 7,554 people with atrial fibrillation in the U.S. and 32 other countries who were at high risk of stroke, but who could not or chose not to take warfarin.How Long Should A Person Take Plavix. soon you volition be a long source on Amazon.