How long should i take clopidogrel

The thought of taking Plavix for X number of years frightens me.

This page contains links to eMedTV Stroke Articles containing.After one year the doctor felt I should stay on the Plavix and Asprin.Effects of pretreatment with clopidogrel and aspirin followed by long.The cardiologist who administers the test says there is no reason why I should stop.

I have been on Cloplavix for 6 and a half years since having two stents fitted after an angina attack.Learn about Plavix (Clopidogrel Bisulfate) may treat, uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, patient labeling, reviews, and related medications.

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The half-life of aspirin is 12 hours, so I take one AM and one PM.The heart doctor insisted that I remain on the Plavix and Asprin.For people taking Plavix, drug interactions may be a concern.After two years of asking whether any tests should be done as follow up, I asked my internist to run a stress test.I am off all blood thinners while waiting to see the cardiologist.Policy For coronary blockages cardiologists often implant stents, which have a 90 percent long-term success rate.

Shorter Plavix Treatment May Be Equally Effective. Taking the blood thinner Plavix.

PLAVIX: Side effects, ratings, and patient comments

Comments that do not follow these policies will not be posted.I had 70 % blockage and two medicated stents were put 10 weeks back.

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In 2011 I took a stress test and was rushed to the hospital to get two additional stints for the other two blocks.

clopidogrel bisulfate, Plavix: Drug Facts, Side Effects

Mini-Stroke Treatment - Plavix Dosage Articles

During my stay they placed a Promethius DES into the Circumflex artery.The risk of a serious hemorrhage with aspirin and Plavix is about 5 percent at 12 months but varies from person to person.

If a stent is required, a non-drug-eluting stent can be implanted.It also took him several months for him to regain use of his right hand.Each week we send two free email newsletters with breaking health news, prescription drug information, home remedies and a preview of our award-winning radio show.He always told me I should stay on it as long as I could afford it.

I bruised and bled more that usual but it beat the heck out of a heart attack. 3 years later I had another heart attack and the clot was between the two stents.

He was later placed on a different blood thinner, and the cardiologist told us that Plavix is notorious for causing delayed bleeds.My question is should I stop taking Sub or just be on a maintenance program for the rest.

You should be aware of some of the side effects associated with Plavix (clopidogrel).Has anyone else with vision loss, been treated with Plavix, or should we be searching for 2nd opinions.Black Friday Savings - Today only save 20% on everything in our store.